Refrigerators, Freezers & Coolers in Red Deer & Central Alberta

Refrigeration is an integral component to the safe food chain we all want to have, and is a critical to the operation of all involved in that chain. From the farm or factory to the end consumer. Arctic Mechanical is your source for all the necessary equipment to keep your product cold and your operation running efficiently. Some of the equipment we offer for sale, service and maintain include;

couple of milk containers storing milk milked from cows

Keep Milk Cool and Refreshing

At Arctic Mechanical we know that maintaining food storage temperatures, whether that be cooled or frozen is critical to the food chain and to our customers businesses. We prioritize our customers service requests regarding food storage accordingly. We provide services to the food production facilities, farms, convenience stores, grocery stores and restaurants.

Close up of hands of repairman writing down details of an order on the clipboard while standing

Our Equipment Numbering System Makes Recordkeeping Easier

At Arctic Mechanical, we use an equipment numbering systems to help our technicians as well as our customers keep track of the repairs completed on each piece of equipment. Each piece we work on is assigned a unique reference number and all information regarding repairs and service are logged under this unique number, making records and important equipment information easily accessible. This passes on great benefits to you, our customer, including:

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Arctic Mechanical can supply your restaurant with the right commercial refrigerator and commercial freezer equipment and supplies from leading manufacturers to meet your refrigeration needs. Need help finding an item? Call our expert team of product consultants or visit our shop for suggestions or to special order your restaurant equipment and supplies. We offer prompt, affordable service and 24/7/365 emergency response in Red Deer and communities throughout Central Alberta.